Patina Gel Stabilized Liver Of Sulphur 2oz


Not only is it the most convenient, easiest way to use liver of sulfur, but amazingly it does not degrade in light & air the way the lump form does. Dry liver of sulfur is very unstable and goes dead in a few hours if left uncovered or exposed to light. Liver of sulfur in liquid form is even more unstable. Patina Gel is stable, so even if the lid has been left off, it will remain fresh. You'll love the convenience & long life of this new Patina Gel, and it oxidizes just like any other sulfur-based oxidizing agent.

- A 1/4 teaspoon of gel is enough to make 6 oz. of strong patina solution. 

- Convenient & long-lasting 

- Always fresh & ready to use 

- Dilute in water or use full strength


- Economical-use only what you need"

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