WUBBERS Medium Square Mandrel Pliers 6&8mm 6.75"


The Wubbers Medium Square Mandrel Plierss are the perfect choice for adding fun right angles easily into your designs. These patent pending pliers are capable of working up to 14-gauge wire and 22-gauge sheet metal. The two different sizes of jaws make them more versatile, and their long handles ensure that the pliers—not your hands—do all the work. Because the jaws are not tapered, you can wrap your wire or metal around any part of the jaw without marking or measuring, and you will get the same size every time you wrap. These pliers are sure to revolutionize the way that you design, allowing you to shape your metal with greater efficiency, making it more fun while significantly increasing your speed and profitability.

  • Total Length of Pliers:  6.75 inches
  • Large Jaw Size:  8mm Square
  • Small Jaw Size:  6mm Square
  • Length of Jaws from Tip to Box Joint:  34mm

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  • Model: 1370