WUBBERS Regular Wire Looping Pliers 5.5"


The Wubbers Regular Looping Pliers can be used with 20 and 22 gauge soft wire.  Overall length is 5-1/2", jaw measures appx 2.5mm across.

The revolutionary Wubbers Large Looping Pliers are perfect for creating identical wrapped loops and eye pins over and over again. When wrapping a loop on the second end of a bead, there is no need to "guesstimate" how much space to leave, because these pliers automatically measure for you. The Wubbers Looping Pliers will hold your work securely as you wind the wire around the neck. That means no more slipping and sliding as you work, and no more twisted or lopsided loops. Also important, the edges of the jaws are carefully rounded to prevent marring and are shaped to support as you wrap, keeping your work straight.

With the Wubbers Looping Pliers, you will be able to make perfect eye pins quickly and effortlessly.

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