OttLite 508 Illumination HD/Magnifier OTT-LITE

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MAGNIFIER OTT-LITE This Magnifier OTT-LITE features a 2x magnification lens to make your precision work easier and more accurate.

508 Natural Daylight Illumination :

Incandescent bulbs are made from things like hot filament wire and inert gases, but OttLite 508 Illumination bulbs are made from something better-OttLite CFL lighting is expertly engineered with 508 technology to bring the quality of natural sunlight indoors. It’s like having a tiny sun in your light bulb, except a whole lot cooler. The bulbs produce less heat and use less energy.

Converter needed for Asian voltage. 13 watt light bulb.

^ Please note that adjustment to rate will be adjusted due to the weight of this item.

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