NATURAL turquoise means a stone with no alteration to its composition. Such stones are merely polished and cut into shapes before being mounted in jewelry. Natural turquoise remains porous, as all natural stone is to varying degrees, and may tend to change color over time as it is worn and handled. STABILIZED turquoise means that the natural mineral has been chemically altered to harden the stone, usually by infusing epoxy or polystyrene into the porous surface of the stone. The stabilization process serves to "freeze" the color of the stone so it will not change. COLOR-TREATED, color-enhanced, or color-infused turquoise means that the natural mineral, usually too soft and pale to finish for use in jewelry, has been chemically altered to change the color of the stone (and often the hardness also). Dye is mixed with a stabilizing epoxy or polystyrene liquid and infused into the stone under pressure. RECONSTITUTED turquoise is the name used for turquoise dust and chips that are mixed with plastic resins and compressed into a solid form so as to resemble natural turquoise.
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